1 & 2 Timothy Devotional 

If we only realized how our lives could be different if we placed more importance on the power of prayer. What if we spent as much time praying each day as we spend getting ready for work, school, or church? Paul isn’t stating that women shouldn’t try to make themselves look nice before they headed out for the day. He had an issue with their motive. Certain women in Timothy’s church were more concerned about how they looked on the outside and one-upping each other than they were with the condition of their hearts. Nothing is wrong with wanting to look nice, but we must remember that true beauty comes from within. 

Dear Jesus,

Forgive me when I have been more focused on how I look on the outside instead of cultivating my inner beauty. Help me to be a woman of prayer, spending more time praying each day than fretting about how I look. Help me to be an example for the next generation of women, modeling for them how not to fall into the comparison trap, but rather how to learn to delight in how You uniquely made each one of us. Amen.

I want the men everywhere to pray. Men who lift their hands in prayer must be devoted to God and pleasing to him. They must be men who keep themselves from getting angry and having arguments. And I want the women to make themselves attractive in the right way. Their clothes should be sensible and appropriate. They should not draw attention to themselves with fancy hairstyles or gold jewelry or pearls or expensive clothes. But they should make themselves attractive by the good things they do. That is more appropriate for women who say they are devoted to God. A woman should learn while listening quietly and being completely willing to obey. I don’t allow a woman to teach a man or tell him what to do. She must listen quietly, because Adam was made first. Eve was made later. Also, Adam was not the one who was tricked. It was the woman who was tricked and became a sinner. But women will be saved in their work of having children. They will be saved if they continue to live in faith, love, and holiness with sensible behavior.
1 Timothy 2:8‭-‬15 ERV



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