Sadly Unbelievable 

Someone told me today that I was an angel. I’m not sure if he meant it or if he was just joking but it was weird to hear. Then I realized that my reaction is was what was weird. I realized that I’m so not use to people being genuinely nice to me or giving me real compliments. I wanted to be what he said I was but the truth is, I’m not. I’m far from an angel. I don’t come close to being an angel. I was telling him some personal things I was dealing with but he didn’t believe me. No one ever does. My life is literally so complicated,  it’s literally unbelievable. It’s sad but it my truth. So how do u live life knowing no one even believe whats your life? I have always felt like I don’t exist. Maybe I shouldn’t exist. Maybe I am a mistake like I have always felt. Why would any one want me when no one truly has? The cold truth is, I would have been committed suicide if it wasn’t for my babies. They are literally the only reason I am still breathing. My kids are saving my life.


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