A Different Perspective 

Some mornings are harder than others to get up and put one foot in front of the other. Then I see those 3 precious little faces staring back at me with the faith  that mommy is going to make everything ok for us…..so I take the first step and breathe through it and then another and another and then another…….im confused about alot of things but the love i have for my babies is never one of them. That’s all the drive I need to keep going. When I feel my heart going cold, my kids, like a force of nature, flood my heart with love, hugs and kisses. Their “I love you mom” like God, is always on time! Never a second late. I’ve learned to thank God and appreciate those hard mornings. It’s God’s way of teaching me to look at life from his perspective and never my own. Just because I can’t see where he is leading me, the choice to continue to let him guide my steps is still mine to make in order to get there, where ever he is taking me! I CHOOSE YOU LORD!  AMEN!


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