There’s Hope For Today

IMG_20171011_074437_458What has happened to Moses? What has happened to the brave young prince, intent on the deliverance of God’s people? Where is the fiery passion that made him a fugitive?

Gone it seems … gone in the warm afternoon of midlife. Here is a man pre-selected by God to deliver a nation enslaved. Here is a man quick with his words, or his fists, or the dagger. Here is the hope of Israel, content to herd sheep as Pharoah’s lash continues to fall on the backs of his countrymen. What has happened to Moses? He tried, and he failed, and now he has settled for a common existence clothed in anonymity.

Don’t sit down when you’ve failed … get up and try again. If you settle in you might be out of the game for a long time. Moses sat for forty years. Settling for anything less than the “abundant life” Jesus promises is settling for a fool’s inheritance. You might feel safe and content in your self-imposed exile, but you cannot enjoy the blessings of God when you’re parted from His will.

It took a burning bush to get Moses moving again. Even then, Moses found his courage withered and his confidence shot. Don’t embrace contentment until you are surely in the center of God’s will.